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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beef Stew

Beef stew is always a favorite street food on those chilly winter days.
The Chinese have been cooking stews for centuries mainly known as “red cooking” by using some ingredients like soy sauce, spicy bean paste and sugar. These ingredients are what give a red cooked dish it's unique flavor,taste and color.

Another important ingredient of this dish is that it uses star anise, a wonderful potent scent Chinese spice. Star anise is usually used for stew recipe which is for it's main flavor and you can find it at your local grocery store.
Okay, Let's cook!


  • Stew beef meat----1.5 pound

  • Green onion---3 (chopped)

  • Ginger----1 big chunk and slices

  • Garlic----5 glove

  • Red chili---3

  • Onion----1 and slices

  • Star anise----4


  • Spicy bean paste---2TBSP

  • Sugar----3TBSP

  • Cooking wine---2TBSP

  • Soy Sauce----5TBSP

  • Fresh ground white pepper-1Ts

  • Salt to taste.


1.Cut the stew meat into small chunks .

2.In a large non-stick pot heat the oil on high and cook the beef until brown.

3.Add onion, stir it until it's soft. Then, add ginger,red chili, star anise, and all the seasonings.

3.Cook on high until the liquid has evaporated and the beef is evenly coated.

4.Add water and the beef is covered and bring to a boil. Then cover and simmer on low for about 2 hours or until the meat is tender.

5.Add green onion then serve with stream rice or Chinese thin noodles.

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